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Building a strong Communications Strategy

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When building a communications strategy, it's (once again) important to do the right research. As I continue to write blogs centered around PR Publications, I continue to see how critical research is in so many different factors. For this blog, I want to further analyze research while giving an outline into my communications strategy for Spotify.

Once again, research is the key

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I've already mentioned the importance of quality research in my blog analyzing Spotify, but research is also so important in the success of a communications strategy. Research is critical in understanding how to communicate with your audiences and knowing what will best stick with them. It's important to know which messages you hope to convey will succeed and those that may need more revision.

Outlining my Communications Strategy


Some key messages I am looking to communicate with my organization are inclusivity, creativity and a fun environment. Through visuals, I want to build off Spotify's core values and create material that demonstrates an inclusive environment where everybody is welcomed. Especially with Spotify currently being in hot water over Joe Rogan's (their most popular celebrity personality) use of racial slurs, I think this is really important.

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With creativity, this is just building more off of Spotify's mission statement in presenting a place where artists and users can be as creative as possible while using the platform.

When it comes to fun, I want the material to feel like Spotify's more a place where you can just enjoy yourself through the products being provided. With the material I create, I want there to be a fun appeal.


To help visually communicate these messages, there are certain aspects that I think are essential: colors, fun typography and a creative layout.

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With colors, I want to expand the colorway of Spotify to make it feel like a place that sort of represents how expansive it is. For example, Apple Music has different shades of pink and purple which makes their color scheme a little more appealing than Spotify's basic black, green and white. I think more colors can really help bring images, layouts or a logo to life and become more attractive.

A fun typography style helps make the material feel more attractive and appealing. I talked about this in my blog discussing the art of typography. When words are fun to look at, people are more drawn to them.

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Lastly, I want to ensure that my material has a creative layout. Spotify commands itself in having a creative environment, so it's important to maintain this core aspect of their organization.

Overall, everything will be a little more image-driven. I think this better represents Spotify as an organization especially since it is an audio service and besides audio a lot of what people look at is visuals. With that being said, there's also a type aspect, especially due to the fact that I still want the typography to be fun.

Final Thoughts

After examining Spotify as an organization and outlining some strategies, I am looking forward to designing some material and can't wait to see how it will come out!

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