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How I Grew As a PR Practitioner

Over the course of the semester, I've been learning and writing about PR Publications. I've now written a ton of blogs dedicated to the ins and outs of different publications, and in this blog, I'll be examining how I grew throughout my PR Design course and sharing important tips for others to remember.

How I Grew

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When I first was introduced to PR Pubs, I didn't know much at all. I didn't know how to operate any of the major applications (Photoshop and InDesign) or know any important concepts (communication strategies, design elements, etc.).

I had design experience from using Canva, but other than that I was very new to a lot of the terminology and concepts that I would soon learn over the course of the semester.

In the beginning, almost everything stressed me out. How I wanted to word something or design something had me sitting down for extended periods of time wondering how to do it. I've always been a good writer and had experience writing blogs before, but even just writing a blog catered toward PR design and the process felt really intimidating.

As the semester went on, my comfort and knowledge grew immensely. I'd say I turned a corner around the time when I was designing and writing about business cards. That's when I started to feel really comfortable in my writing and designing process in my PR Design course.

My knowledge also continued to grow from the moment I had to write about typography. From that period on, I've felt like each week I've learned something new to the point where I'm very comfortable with more design software, how to undergo different design processes, strategizing, researching, etc. My knowledge as a PR practitioner has grown tenfold.

My Favorite Project

The project I take the most pride in is definitely designing collateral material for Spotify. The reason is because in the beginning I knew I wanted to design for Spotify, I just didn't know how I wanted to whether it be by altering colors or a whole logo redesign. As I went along in this design process, I'm really proud of how my final products turned out and it's why it was my favorite part of my PR design course. Below is one of the designs I did for Spotify:

Spotify Business Card Design

Tips PR Practitioners Should Know

I've learned many important aspects about designing for PR publications over the course of the last couple of months. The most important tips I can share are research is key, practice is essential, patience is crucial and feedback is very helpful.

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Researching for information may be one of the most important things I learned. Research is key because it has to be utilized before going about any design so that there is not only a good enough understanding of what one is designing, but also good research is what leads to a successful design that can appeal to more people.

Patience is essential because not everything is going to be figured out right away. I didn't learn how to use Photoshop or InDesign tools quickly, it took a lot of time. It takes time to understand and master a lot of the elements that go along with designing for publications. Even when I had finished a design, there were a multitude of times where I still needed more guidance.

This guidance aka feedback is also very helpful. Getting feedback on projects is great because it helps lead ones design to being improved and more successful. Whenever I received pointers or feedback on my design attempts, they always came out looking better.

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